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Is remote access needed for local control?

I am trying to set it up, with everything connected to my home network, but it says the server is not on the same network and I have to enable remote access. Is this needed? I would prefer to have it only accessible on the home network.

I can stream using the plex app on my fire tv fine, since the server and player are all on the same network, so I do not understand why Alexa says it needs remote connection.


  • Elijah_BaleyElijah_Baley Posts: 4,969Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    The answer I got to the same question was yes. With some additional condescending crap about how Alexa will not work without the internet which has nothing to do with having remote access enabled on my server.

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  • brian163serverbrian163server Posts: 29Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    It sounds like you didn't get a great explanation. However, I believe it was otherwise accurate. It's not that Alexa doesn't work without the Internet per se (which, LOL, it wouldn't) but that your local plex server needs to send local network client and resources information to Plex's back end to be relayed to Amazon's. That API is implemented as part of the remote server API code, not the authentication API code. (For example, you can log your server into your Plex account even if you don't remote access enabled.)

  • OverloadUTOverloadUT Posts: 24Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    Happy to clarify! You need remote access turned on because Alexa Skills don't actually run on your Alexa device (echo, dot, fire, etc) - they are web apps that the Alexa cloud service talks to, and it's that web app that needs to do all of the magic.

    So for the Plex skill to work, it needs to be able to talk to your Plex server from outside your local network.

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