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Synced items randomly deleting themselves

StormdragonStormdragon Posts: 9Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited February 2017 in iOS

Sorry if this has been answered before but sporatiacally (i.e. once a month or so), all of my synced items on my iPhone (IOS 10.2.1) will completely disappear and the associated space (in this case ~20 GB) is returned to the device.

Basically all of the synced items when offline are deleted, though on my server (Version > Status > Sync > iPhone section it still says that everything is synced. On my iPhone, in my account when connected online to Plex (using v4.7 of the app, though this did happen in previous versions) and I go to the Sync area, everything looks like it's there as well (but again, the available space is way too much for that to be true).

Additional info:

  • I have 2 accounts on my device, mine (password, set to online) and my daughter's (no password, set to offline/phone content)
  • My LTE is a bit spotty so before I let my daughter use my phone in the car, I use wi-fi to connect to her account and then when Plex opens to her home page I turn it off (it seems that Plex, even when the account is set to use local content, still needs to connect to the server for authentication)...this is when the behaviour tends to happen.

Unfortunately, I am not able to replicate it consistently so I don't have any logs at this time.

Has anyone else seen this on IOS?


  • DannyBlahDannyBlah Posts: 6Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I too have just experienced the same thing for the second time. PMS is running on Netgear NAS. Several albums synced to iPhone. Go to Sync tab and the albums are listed. Go to Local and synced content and no albums. Not run any updates lately, running latest IOS.

    Can't seem to find the answer.

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