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Nvidia Shield TV: Mis-rendered VOBSUBs (MKV, MPEG2)

AfullmarkAfullmark Posts: 810Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

This only occurs on the plex app on the nvidia shield; iOS, plex media player on mac (even VLC) are all fine. In the Opera 'Les Troyens', at the line 'the pure air of the fields' the MKV with VOBSUBS is blurred or rendered incorrectly:

But the file is not corrupted, and plays perfectly in VLC:

Doesn't have the problem playing via Plex Media Player on the Mac:

Here is a sample of where the problem is:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/7fofja4ztqziv6g/Les Troyens (2000).mkv?dl=0 (21.2MB MKV, VOBSUB)

Could this be a regression? A similar thing was fixed here: https://forums.plex.tv/discussion/comment/1213181/#Comment_1213181 (My post also). @MovieFan.Plex did report as fixed back in August 2016:

@MovieFan.Plex said:
Sorry, should have been more clear. There is an issue with the subtitle detection of "DVD_Subtitles" versus "vobsub". This will be fixed in an upcoming update. There is another issue that once this is working, something with the vobsub you provided causes the subs to get rendered incorrectly. So the initial fix to show vobsub subtitles should be available with the update, but you may see some rendering issues which is being looked at and may or may not make it into the same update.

@MovieFan.Plex said:
Just wanted to update. The fix was included in 4.29.0 last week. Can you check if it is working for you now or not?

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