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Sections Not Loading [Solved]

billclinton02billclinton02 Posts: 11Members ✭✭

I've been running OpenPlex/Plexconnect with no issues over the last couple of years on two ATV3s.

Recently I noticed I cannot access the sections like Movies or TV Shows. The initial screen loads up fine and shows what's been recently added but when I go to access any sections the ATV hangs at the loading screen. I thought it was perhaps a theme issue so I switched from CyberGhost84 to iBaa and I still had this issue, however switching to Wahlman.j works fine. Any idea what could be causing this? It appears it may have started after an autoupdate. I've tried restarting my devices and machine but that doesn't seem to affect it.


  • billclinton02billclinton02 Posts: 11Members ✭✭

    wahlman.j gave me some help. For some reason the view settings for the individual sections were defaulting to "Artwork". After cycling through the settings to something else (Artwork actually will never come back) like grid, it was fixed.

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