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Sonos with PLEX

phil@qcontinuum.org.ukphil@qcontinuum.org.uk Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I know it's Beta, but it 100% fails to work. Thats not Beta thats just broken

If anyone has a hack, let me know.. it's a real shame PLEX have let the side down here with all the great work thats been done over the years to release Beta thats is that bad is a real shame




  • wwwizzarrdrywwwizzarrdry Posts: 302Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm using Plex/Sonos and aside from the occasional "Failed to connect to Plex" error message, the service seems to work well.

    1. Can you tell me what version of PMS you're using?
      I'm on Version

    2. What version of Sonos are you using?
      I'm having no problems and just updated to the Beta Controller Version 7.2

    3. Other things to check:
      -Sonos connects to https://plex.tv. con you navigate to the site?

    - Can you remotely access your library?
    - Try removing your Sonos Labs: Plex Service, then sign up for the Sonos Beta program (in Advanced Settings) and then after so.e hours you get promoted to upgrade your Sonos connect troller to the newest beta version, then re-add Sonos Labs: Plex and sign in.

    CentOS 7: BTRFS in RAID10 (24TB)
    i7 4790K and 16GB RAM w/ GTX 760

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