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Is PlexConnect dead?

UKenGBUKenGB Members, Plex Pass Posts: 112 Plex Pass

Seems to have gone 'off the boil' as it were. Updates to PMS have apparently caused problems with PlexConnect and no-one is now maintaining it? Or is this not correct?

It would be a great shame if new releases of PMS break it completely. This would render TV3s useless as Plex clients and I was banking on being able to use mine for this purpose.

One thing I have noticed after what I think was an update on the TV this morning (probably released earlier though) is that the WSJ app has gone AWOL. Since I was setting everything up to use that on which to piggyback PlexConnect, that's a bit of a blow. Guess I have to choose a different app now. Suggestions?


  • moody_bluemoody_blue Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 2,427 Plex Ninja

    WSJ Video continues to be available in Portugal. Maybe not in your Country, or you have hidden it by mistake.

  • UKenGBUKenGB Members, Plex Pass Posts: 112 Plex Pass

    Having just reset the TV I now again see WSJ. I must have hidden it, but have no recollection doing so.

    Thanks for that, but is PlexConnect still going strong or dying a death?

  • groodscomgroodscom Members Posts: 2

    I'm not going to speak for the developer, but the older models of ATV are probably being replaced more frequently with the new models which support the Plex app natively. While there may be people still using the older models such as you and I, I'm sure the demand for this "workaround" method has decreased substantially since then. (That is my hunch anyway.)

  • moody_bluemoody_blue Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Posts: 2,427 Plex Ninja

    The developers no longer have ATV's 2nd and 3rd generation, that's why development ended. But the code is there, is stable, and if the community decides to enhance it, then please go ahead. I'm not a developer myself but have been able to fix some problems created by new PMS versions, therefore I can provide some help.

  • mschlotzmschlotz Members, Plex Pass Posts: 186 Plex Pass

    Sad to say the least. The new PlexApp for the atv4 is basically a POS. Their decision to roll with Apples's player has lead them down a rabbit hole fraught with numerous issues with the main one being what most would call a buffering issue. Then there's it's UI, far from what plexconnect provides which I personally believe is the standard they should have adopted in the first place. What is needed is a developer to re-write plexconnect into a viable app and get it approved for distribution. I, and expect many others, would be willing to help fund the effort. Any takers......?

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