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No external player with TV layout

jonbxxjonbxx Posts: 3Members ✭✭

OK, I have had Plex for a while and updated the app recently. I have had problems in the past with my cheap box not playing nicely with DTS soundtracks using the player in Plex. As a workaround, I used the default Android Video Player which passed through the DTS fine through the optical connection.

Since the update, I can no longer use the Android Player while in the TV layout. It works fine on the mobile layout but that looks messy on a large TV. Interestingly, if I st up that the player can use DTS in the mobile set up and then go to the TV layout and then back to mobile, the DTS option becomes unticked.

I can see if I can get an old version APK but, before I do, is there any way around this problem?

many thanks!


  • anivarosanivaros Posts: 1Members

    +1, same problem.
    And if select external in mobile and then switch to TV, setting becomes disabled

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