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Temporary vertical line appearing on edge of movie posters.

SamcorNZSamcorNZ Posts: 19Members ✭✭

Hi, does anybody else experience an anomoly with an odd line of pixels that appears on the right hand side of movie posters in the On Deck/Recently added section? I'm running Rasplex with the Black Edition skin V17.0.03. I have the same setup on my RaspberryPi 3 and my Windows 10 PC running OpenPHT but I only see the issue on the Raspberry.

Example of how it occurs:
1.) I add a new movie to my Plex server. (Runs on a NAS) or I partially watch a movie I've had for a long time via a device other than the Raspberry (Meaning the movie didn't currently exist in the Recently added items).
2.) I turn on my TV and then navigate my RasPlex to the Movies section of the main screen (Home).
3.) The new movie will appear on screen and have a discoloured line down the right hand side. All other posters that were previously onscreen appear fine. Click on the poster to enter the detail screen for the movie with the affected poster and the larger version of the poster on the movie detail screen does not have the odd line. Going back to the home screen, the line will still appear on the smaller version of the poster .
4.) Rebooting Rasplex or scrolling down to the TV section and bringing up the details of an episode (Any episode) will allow me to return to the movies section where the line has now disappeared and wont return for that poster.

The issue only occurs with movies and not with tv shows or home movies

Screenshots while the line is visible:

Turning off 'Show thumb border' does not remove the line:

Screenshot after a reboot or after viewing the details of a tv show episode in the TV Show section. The line has now disappeared for good from that image.



  • SamcorNZSamcorNZ Posts: 19Members ✭✭

    I've spent a few hours troubleshooting the issue further and this what I've been able to identify:

    1.) The issue only occurs when displaying the image via the Plex URL from RASPLEX.

    As soon as Rasplex uses its local cached copy of the thumbnail the issue does not appear.

    2.) Width of the thumbnail appears to be a factor. So far I've only been able to see the issue when testing with thumbnails that have a width of 213 pixels. To prove this I took a thumbnail and then create multiple versions (210x320, 213x320, 214x320, 220x320 etc). I then loaded each in turn into Plex as the poster for the same movie and simply went up and down on the RASPLEX main menu to force Rasplex to refresh the thumbnail. I also wrote the resolution on each of the thumbnails so I would know exactally which was being displayed when the problem appeared.

    3.) I was testing with a bunch of images of the same poster that had a red background, then when I switched the poster to a completely different image with 213x320 resolution, that different image displayed with 1 pixel width of red down the right hand edge which matched the red of the image that I had previously selected in the higher resolution. It's like the display of the lower resolution image was causing Rasplex to fill in the edge with a previously displayed colour. Super odd.

    At this point I thought I'd try and enable more detailed debugging however the logging option in my Rasplex advanced menu is greyed out. Not sure how to change this.

  • SamcorNZSamcorNZ Posts: 19Members ✭✭

    I did further troubleshooting and believe I have pinpointed the two different approaches in the log that Rasplex is using to display the affected image. (1 - Intial display after receiving image from Plex server, 2 - Displaying the cached version of the image)

    • OMX.broadcom.resize - This appears to be used as part of the process of initially displaying the original image from Plex. it is not used when displaying the cached version of the same image. The cached version of the image on the Raspberry is an exact copy of the transcoded version that the Plex server provided (I ran them through a hex comparison program to confirm) so I'm unsure why the image is intially displayed using a 'resize' process but then afterwards is not.

    From debug log, initial display of affected image whereby right edge has discoloured/garbled pixels:
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: PlexFile::GetHeaderList Set Client-Profile-Extra: add-transcode-target-audio-codec(type=videoProfile&context=streaming&protocol=*&audioCodec=dca,ac3)
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: CPlexFile::BuildHTTPURL translated 'plexserver://ddf38ebe70ad37526ef3999af6e7933c0f733355/photo/:/transcode?height=320&url=http%3a%2f%2f127.0.0.1%3a32400%2flibrary%2fmetadata%2f8063%2fthumb%2f1489190916&width=320' to ''
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: CurlFile::Open(0x6b5fec30)
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.image_decode input port 320 output port 321 m_handle 0x70a952c8
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.resize input port 60 output port 61 m_handle 0x70a24698
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::AllocInputBuffers component(OMX.broadcom.image_decode) - port(320), nBufferCountMin(2), nBufferCountActual(2), nBufferSize(81920), nBufferAlignmen(16)
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::AllocOutputBuffers component(OMX.broadcom.resize) - port(61), nBufferCountMin(1), nBufferCountActual(1), nBufferSize(286720) nBufferAlignmen(16)
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Deinitialize : OMX.broadcom.image_decode handle 0x70a952c8
    13:08:45 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Deinitialize : OMX.broadcom.resize handle 0x70a24698

    From debug log when displaying the same image but this time from the local cache whereby the garbled pixel edge is gone:
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.image_decode input port 320 output port 321 m_handle 0x70d05e18
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::AllocInputBuffers component(OMX.broadcom.image_decode) - port(320), nBufferCountMin(2), nBufferCountActual(2), nBufferSize(81920), nBufferAlignmen(16)
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Initialize OMX.broadcom.egl_render input port 220 output port 221 m_handle 0x70d28ea8
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::UseEGLImage component(OMX.broadcom.egl_render) - port(221), nBufferCountMin(1), nBufferCountActual(1), nBufferSize(15360) nBufferAlignmen(16)
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Deinitialize : OMX.broadcom.image_decode handle 0x70d05e18
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: COMXCoreComponent::Deinitialize : OMX.broadcom.egl_render handle 0x70d28ea8
    13:24:21 T:1801450464 DEBUG: DecodeJpegToTexture: decoded special://masterprofile/Thumbnails/a/a3a3bb07.jpg 213x320

  • SamcorNZSamcorNZ Posts: 19Members ✭✭

    I've logged the issue on GitHub: https://github.com/RasPlex/RasPlex/issues/566

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