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no DirectPlay with HTTPLiveStreamURL in the latest Web-Players?

rols1rols1 Posts: 447Members ✭✭✭

plexmediaserver- had the last Web-Player, which plays HTTPLiveStreamURL's in my Chrome-Browser (v56.0.2924.87) without transcoding.

Also the recent Web-Player V3.0.0 doesn't play directly.

For my tests I have used the Qmusic-Plugin from Sander1, because my own plugins also build ******videoclip_obj's without Service-Code******. All tests with the relveant player-preferences were unsuccessful till now.

As local Workaround I have replaced the WebClient.bundle in the latest PMS-Updates with the WebClient.bundle from PMS v1.0.0.2261-a17e99e.

This WebClient.bundle (Web-Player v2.7.0) does DirectPlay with Qmusic, my Plugins and don't have the cropping-issue in Picture-Galleries.

Because this workaround may fail with upcoming PMS-Updates: does someone know a better way?

Plugins: ARDMediathek2016, Plex-Plugin-KIKA_und_tivi, Plex-Plugin-3Sat_Mediathek, Plex-Plugin-Flickr, Plex-Plugin-TagesschauXL

Best Answer


  • rols1rols1 Posts: 447Members ✭✭✭

    Thank You - I should have ask last week. This would have saved many attempts to solve a non-existing-configuration problem.

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