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Broken again: streaming DLNA Sony TV with Plex v1.4.3.3433

Gaëtan van der LaanGaëtan van der Laan Posts: 3 Plex Pass
edited March 5 in DLNA

As the title says, DLNA streaming is broken again for Sony TV's with Plex v1.4.3.3433.

Anyone having the same issues? Hopefully it will be fixed soon.


  • clabbebclabbeb Posts: 1

    Same problem. Any suggestions?

  • anankeananke Posts: 84 Plex Pass

    Judging from the track history, I have little hopes this will ever be addressed. This issue has been continuously ignored by the developers.

    Considering it is in fact a regression bug, one can draw conclusions about the Q&A process, and overall quality of the code.

  • Gaëtan van der LaanGaëtan van der Laan Posts: 3 Plex Pass


    @Plex, it has been two months already and there's still no update for Plex Media Server with a solution for this problem. Does DLNA users not have that much priority? Waiting desperately for an update.

  • t2pierret2pierre Posts: 45 Plex Pass
    edited May 12

    @Plex, still broken with

  • Andrew and IngridAndrew and Ingrid Posts: 9 Plex Pass

    Was fixed ( I think) sometime but now broken for some months. Just updated to v1.6.1.3722 and still broken. Where do you find prior builds and revision history these days?
    WEF (wife enjoyment factor) is significantly impacted as she cannot watch her shows on SONY 2009 Bravia in bed!

  • t2pierret2pierre Posts: 45 Plex Pass

    @Plex Main , still broken with

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