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"Unable to cast" - MKV files with subtitles

rquezrquez Posts: 16Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I recently started seeing this issue. When I cast MKV files, I'm getting "unable to cast".

Here's some snippets from the server log

Mar 06, 2017 15:37:20.780 [0x7f42237fd700] INFO - [Chromecast]   copyts: 1
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:20.834 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast]   X-Plex-Chunked: 1
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:20.908 [0x7f4215bff700] WARN - [Chromecast] [PDE] Player decision failed; the transcode server may be a slow or outdated
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:20.976 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast] [Player] Load
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.040 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast]   URL: https://192-168-1-34.9db9d94e4651400c9b86d4d003e4e190.plex.direct:32400/video/:/transcode/universal/start?hasMDE=1&path=http%3A%2F%2F127.0.0.1%3A32400%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F52255&medi
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.107 [0x7f4215bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   Autoplay: true
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.167 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   Offset: 1303000
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.232 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast] [Player] setting src attribute https://192-168-1-34.9db9d94e4651400c9b86d4d003e4e190.plex.direct:32400/video/:/transcode/universal/start?hasMDE=1&path=http%3A%2F%2F127.0.0.1%3A32400%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F52255&mediaIndex=0&partIndex=0&protocol=http&fastSeek=1&directPlay=0&directStream=1&subtitleSize=100&audioBoost=100&location=lan&session=5vu5kg0q0mzzst8l8y8jtnjy&offset=1303&subtitles=burn&copyts=1&Accept-Language=en&X-Plex-Session-Identifier=dd2r6qg12f01nhe9u8p06bt9&X-Plex-Client-Profile-Extra=add-limitation%28scope%3DvideoCodec%26scopeName%3D%2A%26type%3DupperBound%26name%3Dvideo.width%26value%3D1920%26replace%3Dtrue%29%2Badd-limitation%28scope%3DvideoCodec%26scopeName%3D%2A%26type%3DupperBound%26name%3Dvideo.height%26value%3D1080%26replace%3Dtrue%29&X-Plex-Chunked=1&X-Plex-Product=Plex%20Chromecast&X-Plex-Version=2.12.2&X-Plex-Client-Identifier=qss5jwoujtmutei8ed2rtqpv&X-Plex-Platform=Chromecast&X-Plex-Platform-Version=2.0.0&X-Plex-Device=Chromecast&X-Plex-Device-Name=Chromecast&X-Plex-Token=xxxxxxxx
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.303 [0x7f4215bff700] WARN - [Chromecast] [Player] Media element error code: 4
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.876 [0x7f4215bff700] INFO - [Chromecast] [Player] Stopping playback. DashPlayer: false
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:21.936 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast] [Player] removing src attribute
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:22.004 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast] [Player] Removing media element
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:22.129 [0x7f4217bff700] ERROR - [Chromecast] Load error: There was a problem playing this item.

Mar 06, 2017 15:37:17.601 [0x7f4217bff700] WARN - [Chromecast] [MDE] Direct play failed; ass subtitles
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:17.673 [0x7f4216bfc700] WARN - [Chromecast] [MDE] Soft subtitles failed; ASS subtitles
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:17.816 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast] [MDE] Finished analysis of 1080 (mkv, h264, flac, 40, high)
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:17.878 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast]   canPlay: true
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:17.940 [0x7f4215bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   canDirectPlay: false
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.023 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   canDirectStreamVideo: false
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.091 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast]   canDirectStreamAudio: false
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.159 [0x7f4215bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   useSoftSubtitles: false
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.237 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   bitrate: 4476
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.298 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast]   videoResolution: 1080
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.359 [0x7f4215bff700] INFO - [Chromecast] [PDE] Player decision
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.434 [0x7f4217bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   Player: html
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.548 [0x7f4216bfc700] INFO - [Chromecast]   Protocol: http
Mar 06, 2017 15:37:18.612 [0x7f4215bff700] INFO - [Chromecast]   Direct Play: false

I think this is related to the subtitles in my MKV files. It's weird that this suddenly started happening recently. I'll post the whole server log as well.

My server is running Centos 7. I'm using the latest generation chromecast.


  • jacque8080jacque8080 Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Did you get any help with this?

    Mine plays fine from the plex app on my phone to chromecast. But not from chrome browser to the same chromecast.

  • MackanMaskMackanMask Posts: 12Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Same problem for me

  • koenvanstokkemkoenvanstokkem Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    same problem here.. but not only with MKV also with other movies.. when I try to play them from my laptop it says there was a problem playing this item.. anybody got some advice?

  • rquezrquez Posts: 16Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Still seeing this issue on PMS 1.5.3.

    I also have issues playing video from my laptop. I've made a post about it here, thinking it was a separate issue, but I think its related.

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