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openplex installer just hangs (or takes forever to do nothing ?)

please help ???


  • Good VibrationsGood Vibrations Posts: 3Members ✭✭

    OpenPlex installer just hangs or take FOREVER to do anything (i.e. over 2 hours )

    MacBook Pro 10.12.3

  • wahlman.jwahlman.j Posts: 2,564Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @wahlman.j said:
    Are you using the work around?

    Ok here is a work around until the installer app is fixed, run the following scripts via script editor:


    After the Part1 script completes (I believe Part1 script will end with the result "") run the ProgressLabel script over and over again (until the ProgressLabel script says "Cloning OpenPlex Complete")


    Last run Part3 (OpenPlex will display in the menubar when it has been successfully installed):


    When we have time to fix the bug(s) they will be resolved, until then sorry for the inconvenience.

    Video example:

    OSX apps : OpenPlex // UAS installer OpenPlex by Wahlman.j (Source Code), CyberGhost84 (GUI) & Flipman6 (Obj-C)

    iOS Firmware links: Firmware // Firmware Limits OpenPlex app or assistance. Donations appreciated US-$ // EUR

    Click my username and message me if you need Teamviewergif <----Install this for assistance.

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