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Plex issues on Xbox One

peakovskypeakovsky Posts: 4Members ✭✭

Recently whatever video I stream on Xbox One starts jumping randomly between scenes, it is mostly backwards so for example from time 5:30 it makes a fast review of last one minute or so and then starts from 4:30. I doubt it is a connection issue. I even tried connecting the Xbox via ethernet cable, but still saw the same issue.
When I try the same on my laptop through wifi, everything works fine.

Plex Server is hosted on my WD My Cloud PR2100. More interestingly, I did not have any issue until recently.


  • negatednegated Posts: 14Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I'm seeing that behavior also. Also recent. PR4100 and Xbox app 1.8.0

  • peakovskypeakovsky Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    I have done a lot of tests, but seems to it is somehow related to subtitles. When they are off, it seems to work.

    Does anybody from Plex support read these threads or it is just to rely on community?

  • jmckeejmckee Posts: 5,050Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    Moussa does read this forums pretty regularly. Currently, we are unable to reproduce this problem on either of our setups. It would help greatly to see your server logs and/or a sample file that reproduces this issue. Based on the two reports you two have made my current guess is some kind of sequencing error for transcoded streams with the WD My Cloud server version. However, I myself do not have one of those devices and my Ubuntu server and Windows test box are unable to reproduce this issue.

    This support article explains how to retrieve the logs:

    This support article explains how to generate a sample file:

  • peakovskypeakovsky Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    I just tried a video and saw the crash, then downloaded the logs. They are attached.
    Hope this is helpful. I did not create a sample video since I doubt it is video specific, it happens on a variety of videos but only on Xbox, not on PC or iPhone.

  • peakovskypeakovsky Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    Not sure how to poke you jmckee, but can I get help here. The issue is still here. I'm thinking of buying an apple TV just to solve this :(

  • kegobeer-plexkegobeer-plex Posts: 5,866Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    Can you stop the Plex Server, wait one minute, start the Plex Server, wait two minutes, then play a file that causes the issue on the XBOX One, wait one minute, then gather the logs and post them here, along with the name of the file you played? I'll take a look through the logs and see if I notice anything in particular that might be going on. Also, grab the XBOX One Plex app logs as well.


    Where are my log files?

    How do I properly name my media files?

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  • jmckeejmckee Posts: 5,050Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja Plex Ninja

    Sorry peakovsky, I must have missed the notification from your reply.

    Looking in those log files I see a couple of things, one shows an update for the server available and with current changes the first step to recommend now is to upgrade.

    As kego suggested, if you could try stopping the server, waiting a minute or two, starting the server and then attempting to playback the file that was causing the issue it would be helpful in trying to narrow it down.

    Looking through your current set of logs the main thing I am seeing is a disconnection between the server and the Xbox and the Xbox closing the connection on the server. Typically, this is because the Xbox does not like something in the stream it is getting, but there is also a few times where the server is reporting that it went away so I am hoping a fresher set of logs would help us rule out some of what is seen in the older set.

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