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[REL][MAJOR UPDATE] WebDash v3.0 Stand-Alone Plex Media Server Landing Page

lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭

This is the final version, minor updates will come along . I know a lot of people waited for an update,specially ,because there was no TV show feature. Now it is. THE WAIT IS OVER xD.

I present you webDash 3.0 .

- movie/tv library + on deck in theaters
- optional music library
- discover movies
- revamped search engine for music,movies and tv shows
- ability to sort tv shows and movies by genre
- automatic youtube trailer grabber for each movie
- similar movies for each movie
- new interface
- and there is more to it.


requirements: php and mysql

if you are on windows, i would suggest wampp

chmod 777: inc
: images

open up /inc/config.php and set your parameters
run or import everything from sql_to_exec into your db(create a db first)
copy the scripts from db_scripts folder in your main directory
and run in this order:



whenever you add content to plex you MUST run refresh_content.php

that's it ,enjoy!

Feel free to gift me a plex pass or support me via paypal at alexandrulupaescu@gmail.com

For a detailed demo : alexanderd.tk/plex


  • mlocher75mlocher75 Posts: 57Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    So where can we download it?

  • lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭

    i will upload the files today .:)

  • lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭
    edited March 2017

    let me know if it works for you.

  • misa-videomisa-video Posts: 1Members

    Hi, thats excelent.
    Please can you help me with instalation in Windows? :)

    Thank you

  • lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭

    @misa-video i will add an update soon this day. and ofc i can.PM ME

  • albatr0zalbatr0z Posts: 5Members Plex Pass

    For working in plex cloud, i need to paste plex link (https://plex.tv/users/cpms) for "yourplex ip" ?

  • lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭

    I guess. I never tested it with Plex cloud. But you can try and let me know if it works .

  • lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭

    @albatr0z , look down at PMS link and copy whatever link you have there.

  • albatr0zalbatr0z Posts: 5Members Plex Pass

    @lexus232 said:
    @albatr0z , look down at PMS link and copy whatever link you have there.

    As soon as I can, I'll take the test. I'm running out of time configuring my server for other activities. As soon as I can I will return with the test result.

  • robot2xlrobot2xl Posts: 567Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Many thanks!


  • erobbyerobby Posts: 20Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Tried the install but I blew up my server. lol

    For the most part I was able to get things configured I guess, then things went south.

    Wasn't able to import data into the database but the tables do exist.

    Attached file has system info. I'm no web guru so any help would be great.

  • lexus232lexus232 Posts: 61Members ✭✭

    @erobby your settings look ok...idk why it wouldn't work...please provide more information. or perhaps we could do a teamviewer "operation" to see what went south.

  • erobbyerobby Posts: 20Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @lexus232 Thanks but I decided to redo my server completely...well the decision was made for me when I lost drives during a power outage. I needed to change some things anyway.

    I have a a nonstandard setup so the problem was with the PHP Queries and the librarySectionID.

    Will repost when things are up and running

    Much Thanks

  • pikeupepikeupe Posts: 111Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


    I would be interested in testing, a little more information for the installation would be nice because for a beginner not obvious
    thank you

  • StreamNet ClubStreamNet Club Posts: 355Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    hi @lexus232 great stuff.

    but i have some issues,

    some php script aren't working or they take not the right section. am i doing something wrong.

    add_seasons.php does nothing at my end, just a blank page, didn't ask for ad content password.
    add_albums.php add my James Bond Library instaed of music.

    What can i provide you to help me out?


    My PlexConnect Theme "Revenant"
    Apple  TV 2 & 3
     USD EUR

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