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Communicating with Chromecast Devices Running the CC Plex App

digitalhighdigitalhigh Posts: 426Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I'm working on a web app that provides a voice interface for various features of the Plex app. One of the most highly-requested features is for it to be able to talk to Chromecast-capable devices, as well as standard Plex devices.

In doing some research, I'm discovering that there is a specific Plex "app" that lives on the Chromecast. From examining the code for it, I'm seeing that it seems to use many of the same communication methods I see in a normal player. And, if I initiate casting from the Plex.tv web app and look at the session, I can see the cast device is assigned a device ID, token, etc.

However, I'm not able to see where in the back and forth traffic exactly what the format is for the commands, or what messages to send, etc. Is there a specific query I can shoot at the Chromecast to make it return it's Plex information?

And then, in terms of triggering playback on a cast device - how does one go about that? Trying to play directly to the device or queued as I would to a PMS device doesn't seem to work. So, I can find the cast devices, I can get the app to load...but I don't know how to control them.

So, any help would be very helpful. How do I query Plex device information from a cast device, and how do I initiate playback to the Plex app once I've got all the relevant information?

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