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App should forget connection to chromecast

pahnevpahnev Posts: 1Members

Hi, I've been using on and off since probably 2008 and recently set own plex server and I'm loving it. So keep up the great work!

The one annoying thing I have encountered with the iOS app though, is that it remembers(sort of) that it's connected to chromecast. "Sort of" because it actually doesn't reconnect if the app is killed by the OS or force killed. But when the casting is terminated, either via timeout because nothing is playing or from the Google home app.

The problem is that it should actually release the connection, when the casting stops. Now, if I stop watching anything(or stop casting) and just let all the devices go to standby mode, the moment I open the ios device(where the app is still active), it reconnects to the chromecast waking up the TV, which is pretty annoying.

Even the Google's sample app does this correctly, so I guess you're doing some custom stuff.

So if you could fix this, or give some options to get same functionality as for example the Youtube app, that would be great.


  • Chris TeasdaleChris Teasdale Posts: 139Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Yes PLEASE FIX!! Youtube and Netflix App both DO NOT DO THIS but Plex does ... real PITA when I am upstairs in bed and launch Plex and my TV in the living room downstairs turns on!!!

  • Chris TeasdaleChris Teasdale Posts: 139Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited May 2017

    Why is this still an issue a few iOS versions later?? Is this considered a feature and not a bug??!! I am not sure how long ago but Plex for iOS used to not have this issue.

  • Chris TeasdaleChris Teasdale Posts: 139Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Ahh ignored per the norm

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