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How to see closed captions?

epstewartepstewart Posts: 11Members ✭✭

Hi, I downloaded a recorded TV show from my TiVo Bolt to my Mac computer, and the kmttg Mac app I used saved it as a ".ts" (transport stream) file on the Mac. I added the file's full pathnam to my "Music on TV" library in Plex Media Server on the Mac. When I played that file in the Plex app on the TiVo Bolt, its original closed captions showed up on the TV screen (!), which I like because I'm hard of hearing. But when I played the same file in the Plex app on my iPad, the closed captions did not show up. Is there any way to get the closed captions to show up on the iPad. Thanks.

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  • epstewartepstewart Posts: 11Members ✭✭

    Thanks for the info. I will try that next chance I get. I have used CCExtractor before and know how to do it.

    I have a related question. As I say, when I play my .ts (transport stream) file in the Plex app on my TiVo Bolt, the captions automatically show on the TV screen. I don't have to generate a .srt file to have this happen. They are just there! Yet that .ts container does not use Direct Play, and the MPEG-2 video format it contains can't use Direct Stream, as far as I know, so the file has to be transcoded by Plex Media Server for streaming to the TiVo. Can anyone tell me how the closed captions manage to survive the transcoding. And if they survive the transcoding for play on the TiVo, why don't they survive when the .ts file is transcoded for play on the iPad?

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