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plexpy connection problem

TwistedEndzTwistedEndz Posts: 283Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I keep getting This site can’t be reached
localhost refused to connect.
and if I do connect it keeps saying , plexpy server cannot be reached .. this as started a few weeks ago , I didn't change anything , it will work good for a day maybe 2 then all of a sudden it will do this , the only way I can get it back to work is deleting the config.ini

Something to note is that , when it's working good and just decide to not connect , it's still running in task manager , nothing stopped it , if I do close it with End Task , and try to restart it Via Task Scheduler method or the Shortcut from Startup , it openes in task manager but closes after 3 seconds , it's like something is stopping it from opening.. so I reboot my pc and it's back up and running again but wont connect until I delete the config.ini and fetch the token again etc .. very confusing not sure what is causing this ..

I know that Malwarebytes was causing me from connecting to DNS server 's if I was trying to check a DNS it would refer me to my own local host , so I had to add DNS to exclusion but this is not the case here because I closed Malwarebytes and still having these issues..

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