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Samsung 2016 HDR TVs & Plex HDR Support

Note; this thread is only for Samsung's 2016 TV Line-up that support HDR.

I've got several 10bit HDR x265 movies that Plex is not able to play correctly. I am able to play these files using the TV's built in media player over DLNA and it will recognize the files as HDR.

TV: Samsung UE55KS7000
Plex TV App Version: 3.0.10 (2.13.1)
PMS Version:

I've added the mediainfo of a 60second sample I created. I also fully played the 60 second file on my TV using the Plex App and included the full log of it in the attachments.

If any Plex Employee wants me to upload the sample.mkv please leave a comment or send me a PM.

Picture playing the file through Plex's App

Picture playing the file through the TV media player(Note the HDR icon)



  • Kallb123Kallb123 Posts: 19Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    My HDR files play "OK" from my server. I had a file that played exactly how your first one does but I switched from the Atmos sound track to the normal AC3/AAC one and it works. It's as though the TV can't handle decoding so much at once. The TV also only has a 100Mbps ethernet, so it makes me feel like I'll need an external box to eventually play proper 4k HDR stuff properly.

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