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READ FIRST: Guidelines for Posting Channel Plugin Issues/Questions and Things to Check First

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The Channel Plugin section of the forum is for questions or issues with plugins you have installed on Plex Media Server using the Channel Directory, UAS2, or manually from other sources like Github. Please review the following guidelines, tips, and links before posting, since it can save you time and ensure that you will receive the help and support you need most efficiently.

Plex users who are new to Plex channel plugins should review the Plex Channels support documents, since the most common issues and questions are answered there. When posting a new topic, the support article How Do I Post on the Forum to Make Sure I Get the Best Help provides details that should be included in your post.

Make Sure You Are Using the Latest Version of Plex Media Server

Earlier version of Plex Media Server may have had issues that were fixed in later releases, so before posting an issue make sure you are using the latest public version of Plex Media Server to ensure you have all the most recent bugfixes.

Reboot Plex Media Server and Verify Internet Connection

Plex channel plugins access online content, so you must have an Internet connection available for your Plex Media Server and every Plex Player/device you are using when using Plex channel plugins. Before posting any issues in the Channel Plugin Forum, try rebooting your Plex Media Server and ensure that have an Internet connection to all Plex devices.

Check Website Availability

Each Plex channel plugin accesses and plays the existing media offered by the website for which the channel plugin is named. So, before posting an issue, make sure the website accessed by the Plex channel plugin is working, the content you want is available on the website, and the videos you want to play will play directly from the website using a browser.

Issues with Channel Plugins from Sources Other than the Channel Directory (aka Unsupported Channel Plugins)

Unsupported channel Plugins are often less stable, require special instructions and may even no longer be maintained or supported by its developer. Since these channel plugin's stability, support, and specifications vary so much, as the name implies, unsupported channel plugins do not and cannot be supported by the larger volunteer channel community. So any issues or questions must be addressed by the individual developer of that unsupported channel plugin and/or its users. Therefore, you must use the support options offered by each unsupported channel plugin's developer to resolve any issues with each individual unsupported channel plugin.

See How do I get support for unsupported channels? and the pinned topic SUPPORT: Find my Plug-In here for support for a list of known support topics for unsupported channels. If the plugin developer has not created a support thread, you would need to refer to the source where you found and installed the plugin bundle (like a website or Github repository) to find any support options offered by its developer.

Even issues with multiple unsupported channel plugins must be handled individually. So you should always install and test at least a couple channels from the Channel Directory. Since those are the channel plugins that are known to be stable and work on a regular basis, installing and testing at least a couple channel plugins from the Channel Directory can help you determine if there is an overall issue with Plex Media Server accessing and playing channel plugins.

Issues with the iTunes or Aperture Channels

The iTunes and Aperture channels are not actually Plex plugins. They are extensions of Plex Media Server. That is why you enable them in the Plex Media Server setting instead of adding them using the Channel Directory. They are called channels because anything that accesses online content from Plex is considered a channel. So any issues with the iTunes and Aperture channels must be posted to the section of the forum for Plex Media Server on your operating system or the section for the Plex player app that is having issues accessing these channels.

Plex Player App/Plex Media Server Issues

Lastly, understand that Plex channel plugins just access online content and put its data in a Plex-friendly format that each Plex player app can read. Each Plex player app must be programmed to properly read the data provided by channel plugins and decide how to best play its media based on the software of that player. Also, since no Plex player supports every format that may be available on the Internet, you must have a Plex Media Server that is configured properly and has the CPU power necessary to transcode media or channel plugin media that is not compatible with your Plex player will not play.

The community of volunteer developers who monitor this forum only design and maintain the individual Plex channel plugins. While these volunteers are always happy to try and help, they are not Plex employees and are not involved in the development of PMS or the various Plex player apps that provide access to the content on PMS, including the Channel Directory and Plex channel plugins.

So, if the Plex channel plugins are working as expected, but you are having issues with a specific Plex player app displaying or playing channel plugin content or with Plex Media Server transcoding channel plugin media, then that is an issue that would need to be addressed by the developers of that Plex Player app or version of Plex Media Server and would need to be posted to that section of the forum.

Many issues and questions can be resolved by reviewing the Plex Support Documentation
Providing details about your issue, Plex setup, and including log files are important when when asking for help on the forums.
See Log Files
Before posting channel plugin questions or issues, please review the pinned threads at the top of the Channel Plugin forum:
READ FIRST: Guidelines for Posting Channel Plugin Issues/Questions and Things to Check First
FAQ for Channel Plugin FAQ

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