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Playing 3D Videos on Android Client

Philplex99Philplex99 Posts: 33Members ✭✭
edited March 2017 in Android (mobile)

I wish to play 3D videos from my Library on my Andoid device ( phone - which I can then put in my 3D Headset Viewer ).
I have read that Plex Player will recognize the the content as 3D if I put H-SBS in the file name,
However, I have named an SBS file as Aquarium.H-SBS.mp4 and this achieves nothing - it plays as normal i.e. with the screen filled with the 2 SBS halves of the video ( each half 8x9 frame ) , just as it does if I don't have the "H-SBS" in the filename.
What it needs to do is to split the 2 halves and display each of these correctly e.g. Side by Side, each as a 16x9 frame.
I was hoping that when the Player recognized the 3D nature of the video, and would present me with some Display Options - the Kodi Player has such options.
Even if it does not do this automatically, it needs to have some manual settings to do this.

Is is capable of displaying 3D videos correctly ? If so, how do I do it please ?

If it is currently not possible, then could 3D support be considered for a future upgrade of the Android Client please.

My current workaround for 3D vids is to use my Android file-manager to access the files on the Server ( my PC ) and then associate the 3D files ( using the filename extension ) to a 3D Player loaded on my Android device - this works but rather defeats the objective of standardizing on Plex for my media needs. I suppose that I could use Kodi instead to access my PC files and then use its player, which does have 3D support.


  • alex.bgalex.bg Posts: 3Members

    I have the same problem. The 3D movie is played correctly by RasPlex, but not by plex for android.

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