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Smart TV app says "The server is currently not available"

I am brand new to Plex. I am trying to connect my MacBook Pro with my new Samsung Smart TV. I started by successfully creating a media library through my laptop browser. Then I downloaded the Plex App on my TV. I received a 4-digit pin, which I entered into the browser on my laptop. When I open the app on my Samsung, it shows my laptop sever name with a red "X" and "The server is currently not available." I cannot click on any other options or settings with my TV remote. It is frozen on the red X and error message.

My server log is attached here.

I am using Plex server Version and Mac OS 10.12.3.

Any guidance is hugely appreciated, thank you!


  • BuuuhseBuuuhse Posts: 1Members

    I have the same problem. Installed the server at a windows 10 laptop. Everything working on the laptop. The new installed Plex App in my Samsung TV finds the server at my laptop but say as the above "This server is currently not available".

    Anyone now what to do? Is it something that must be done at the laptop´s server configurations?

  • chaosmakerchaosmaker Posts: 538Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @AlexaEllis Sounds to me like your ports are closed on your macbook. Can you access plex from any other device apart from your macbook pro?

    @Buuuhse I presume you have the same issue - can you access Plex from anywhere else?

  • eagle1468eagle1468 Posts: 10Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Having a similar problem with the Plex app on our 4K 60" Vizio TV. Was working just fine then Just spins for 3 min and then says "cannot connect to server" / "This server is currently not available". However, can connect to anything else online including, but not limited to, Netflix and Hulu... all other devices can connect to Plex Server no problem. - No changes made to the server except the updates and new content (have had the server on for 3 years). TV & TV Plex app up to date (current version)... Tried everything including factory reset of TV!!.....

    Please Help!

  • kid_wonderkid_wonder Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    You need to set your PMS security to "Preferred"

    Settings > Server > Network > Secure Connections

    Just had this same issue, took me a while to remember that Samsung Plex app cannot use https

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