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Thoughts on this setup

Hi first time poster, but been lurking and learning (I think) for a while.
Some background info. I have been using Kodi with and external USB 3 on my router accessing though a Lenovo Q90 set up as a HTPC. Wanted more options especially occasionally remote access. So I loaded up Plex PMS on my main PC, and liked what I saw on my local network on an Xbox 1S, iPad mini, Roku stick, and 2 Android phones.
I have been shopping and have two 3tb WD reds with an ICY DOCK 2 bay raid enclosure and refurb Dell Latitude E6430 i5-3320M 2.6GHz 16GB 240GB SSD Win 10 Pro laptop on the way.
Any thoughts (especially from others with a similar setup) on any shortcomings with this. Looking to prepare / educate myself on solutions I may need to perform.
Plan on serving up music, photos, and movies occasionally remotely to one, two at the top with transcodes. Movie files consist of mostly SD DVDs in MKV MP2 and MP4 with some 1080s but plan on expanding the number of 1080s. Haven't decided on Raid 0 JBOD or BIG config yet on the enclosure.
Thanks in advance.

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  • homeHTPChomeHTPC Posts: 2Members

    spikemixture Thanks for the reply. Yes this will only be running PMS. I know the importance of formatting my media correctly, as I see it come up so often. I'm just not sure what will work best for me. I want to maintain high quality, and hopefully only 1 version in my library. I don't want to have to copy over everything either. I want the high quality that will go from PMS to Xbox to Denon AVR to BenQ 2050 or Panasonic Plasma TV. Locally. Tablet and phones local and occasionally remotely. I looked into the NUCs, Brix, Vivo minis, SFF PCs and was ready to pull the trigger on a WD PR2100 when the security issue came up. I'm sure they will resolve those sometime, but it doesn't look like they are too concerned about their S/W in general from what I see, so I wrote those off. Went the way I did because of catching good deals. Not sure if we can discuss prices, but the enclosure and laptop came in <$500 and have not found any comparable configs. for that price. Not much of an interest learning IOS so Mac Minis were out.

  • spikemixturespikemixture Posts: 1,540Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    When it comes down to your media there are a few things to keep in mind.
    1 The actual size - personally I have nothing over 3gb - and I cannot see any degrading of the picture, You will always need more space and e.g 100 8gb movies is same as 266 @ 3gb !
    2. The format - I do everything as mp4 - (many swear by mkv but I find mp4 more reliable)
    3. Your client - not everything plays on everything!!

    I have a Skull NUC and yep with the ssd and ram is about $700.
    And it streams everything to remote users and my variety of clients..

    My suggestions has stayed the same for a couple of years now.
    Buy at least a 4 bay NAS with an intel cpu.
    Then if that cannot keep up streaming to all your clients and remote users - keep it and buy a NUC to be the PMS server.

    I had bought a Nvidia 16gb then the pro to be my PMS but they are a sad failure as they cannot handle big libraries. (and a few other issues)

    Plex related : NAS Synology 1817+ & 1815+, 3x NUC (Skull i7, i5 & i3), Drobo 5N and 2 Nvidia Shield Pros (2017 and 2015)
    Client hardware used or using - Shield 2015 pro and 2017 pro, ATV4, Xbox 360 and one, Fire stick and TV, windows PMP, Raspberry PI, Roku Stick, 3 and 4 plus several Android Phones and Tablets.

    I give MY opinion from MY experience!

    So much importance is put on the processing power of your PMS box.
    I say equal or more should be put on correctly formatting and optimizing your media !

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