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Suddenly can't play synced music from my android mobile (Media Player error! Resetting.)

prouthieprouthie Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

Since today, I can't play synced music from my mobile. It works well if I stream from my server but anything locally is always giving me the following error:
"Media Player error! Resetting."
Syncing new content is not working also the appi sgetting stuck into the "Waiting to download" state.
Everything was working perfectly yesterday on the same app/server version.
I do have 2.7GB in use on my SD card (17.2GB available from Sync Storage Limit I have defined).
Everything is working fine on another android phone I own (again same app version).

Any ideas?

Android Plex app running is: (25ece77b)
QNAP server version:


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