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External Inputs Information

Vaughan01Vaughan01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 24 Plex Pass

Has anyone got any information regarding the use of external inputs to a channel, in particular I'm thinking key presses for triggering events in a channel such as pausing a stream etc. I've been looking all day and found nothing.

I'm mainly thinking of OPHT clients for what it's worth.



  • eetjtleetjtl Members Posts: 521 ✭✭✭
    edited March 21

    Still trying to figure out what you are asking :)

    Opht. Has built in key mapping for common. Functions
    (I realize that link is about pht. But it's the same for opht)

    Or are you asking about coding for entering text. Such as in search or prefs or other text via a keyboard?



  • Vaughan01Vaughan01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 24 Plex Pass

    So as background, I have an video streaming channel with multiple 'channels'. I want to be able to change which 'channel' or stream I'm watching whilst already in the stream.

    So I'm okayish with Python and I've done some modifications to this channel already. The channel already contains methods for searching and calling up the stream URLs etc. I'm now trying to figure out how i can program to detect the key presses from my remote/keyboard.

    Unsure how much of this can be done in the channel though.

  • shopgirl284shopgirl284 Members, Plex Pass, Plex Ninja, Forum Moderator Posts: 2,484 Plex Ninja

    Though I am not quite sure what you mean by "an video streaming channel with multiple 'channels'.", you cannot control the Plex environment from a channel plugins. Are you wanting some shortcut key to switch between between directory items of a channel from the within the play screen?

    All you do in a Plex channel is create directories to organize the media and pull the metadata to populate the media listings in each directory. Then you create media containers (usually in a URL service) that contain all the data about each video stream you want Plex to play.

    Each Plex player app controls the environment. Plex channels just create an XML document for each directory with all the metadata. Each Plex player app is programmed to read that XML and display the channel directories and determine how to play the media based on the details shown in the media container. Any remote control/keyboard options in channels are part of and controlled by the Plex player app.

    If you want to see the channel XML your Plex player app is accessing, the channels XML is at http://localhost:32400/channels/all?X-Plex-Token=your plex token. And then each directory listed can be accessed with http://localhost:32400/key value?X-Plex-Token=your plex token

    If you want to see the media container XML and it has a URL service, the XML for it is at http://localhost:32400/system/services/url/lookup?url=the URL of the media?X-Plex-Token=your plex token

    Ultimately, you would need to refer to the section of the forum for the Plex player app you are using and see if they offer any keyboard options that can be used within in channels.

  • Vaughan01Vaughan01 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 24 Plex Pass

    Thanks for the reply. The channel contains multiple directories and there is a directory that has multiple media listings all numbered like channels. I wish to be able to change media listings whilst playing one of them.

    So to rehash what you've said. PMS parses the channel functions and creates an xml containing directories/media listings. The client then reads this xml and creates the directories/media listings for the viewer?

    I have also posted in the OPHT forums about getting the keyboard info.

    Thanks for the links!

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