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Plex is unable to start due to an error

beandlk2beandlk2 Posts: 2Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

We have been using Plex for over a year with no problem. When I started it up yesterday the following error appeared.
"Plex is unable to start due to an error." with the advice to go to this forum to register the problem . Please advise me how to fix this problem.


  • jdynanjdynan Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Fairly new user, received the unable to start due to an error. Just updated the server with the new version. Problem still exists.

  • Marco BradeMarco Brade Posts: 1Members

    I had the same failure. I fixed it by going to Settings and than Apps. Click on Maintain installed Apps. (I have the german version and don't know the correct point.) than go to Plex, Select and click on force stop.
    Than click on Start App and at least I was able to register the Fire TV than to my account.


  • adyp78adyp78 Posts: 1Members

    Thank you Marco! Worked like a charm!

  • crystalfaithcrystalfaith Posts: 1Members

    Yes! Thanks, Marco.

  • keepnpeacekeepnpeace Posts: 3Members

    Settings>Applications>Manage your Applications >Plex>Force Stop then launch again worked for me too.
    Beats uninstalling and reinstalling which is what I was doing. Thanks Marco!

  • duncanmitchellwitsduncanmitchellwits Posts: 1Members

    Thanks keepnpeace. Solved a lot of frustration for me

  • pebble42daypebble42day Posts: 1Members, Plex Pass

    Thanks Marco Brade. Works like a charm. Unfortunate we have to do this when the issue has persisted for what, two years now? You think they would have fixed it by now.

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