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Xbox 360 and 5.1 Surround Sound Audio

simgamer13simgamer13 Members Posts: 8 ✭✭

Why does the PLEX app for Xbox 360 not support surround sound? Consider the following:

  • I have a .wmv file with a WMA Pro 5.1 audio stream (validated through mediainfo).
  • The media file displays as 720p WMA Pro 5.1 in the Plex App on the XBox 360.
  • English (WMA pro 5.1) is displayed as the audio format when playing the media file in PLEX.

PLEX continues to play the media file in 2.1 audio only. I can take the same exact file, put it on a USB stick and plug it directly into the Xbox and the media file plays in full surround sound as expected.

Why does the PLEX app not play the file in 5.1 audio?


  • eire1274eire1274 Members Posts: 7 Plex Pass

    I'm also looking for a solution. I recently upgraded my audio system from a multi-channel amp to a full HDMI receiver, meaning all of my sound is being routed through HDMI only. I'm considering trying an optical cable (as it was set up that way before) and see if the receiver can pull 5.1 audio that way, as I know I was getting 5.1 in the past. I want to determine if it is a factor of the new cabling situation, or a recent software update from Plex.

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