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PMS to Samsung TV Plex App

armutarmut Posts: 10Members ✭✭


I have question depending streaming from a PMS on my PC to my Samsung TV (JU7590).
I installed the Plex App for my TV and PMS on my PC. I always stream my Full HD BD Remux to my TV but have some problems with streaming 4K h265 with 10bit.
As I know my TV is supporting h265 with 10Bit, so it should be possible the file in "Direct Play"-mode without transcoding the movie.
The Problem is that the video is not smooth. Every few seconds the movie needs to be buffered to continue.

Do anyone has an idea and can help me please?

Thanks in advance.


  • armutarmut Posts: 10Members ✭✭

    I solved my problem by myself.
    The problem was (I'm sorry for my expression) because of the fuc**ng ethernet port on my TV.
    I observed the ethernet datarate in Task Manager on my server and recognized that by wired connection the stream is maximum about 98mbits. That means the ethernet port of my JU7590 Samsung TV (model YEAR 2015) only supports 100mbit via LAN port. Unbeliviebable!!!!!!!
    Disconnecting the cable and establishing a connection via WiFi everything changed.
    Now 4K H265 10bit is smoothly without any freeze etc. and the datarate on my server is up to 170mbits now.

  • oliwattsoliwatts Posts: 14Members ✭✭

    Thanks, i'm struggling with the same problem. Although its not an identical scenario its good to know the Wifi is seen to be working over 100mbps smoothly. I continue to troubleshoot other stuttering issues. Cheers.

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