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Plex Media Player prevents sleep

teekmanbteekmanb Posts: 2 Plex Pass
edited April 6 in Plex Media Player


I run MediaPortal and Plex Media Player on the same PC. MP exists only to record TV and to pull down the guide but because it needs to wake the machine and prevent sleep while recording MP manages the PC's sleep function (unless I press sleep on the remote). Unfortunately the PC will no longer sleep as the Plex Media Player logs audio and video subsystem requests against windows to deny sleep requests. This is understandable if plex is playing media, has just been launched, or is idle for just a few minutes...but this is a permanent state - as soon as you launch plex it blocks sleep, as soon as you close it it releases. So in my case as long as plex runs my PC will never sleep - so it is always awake...which is not cool - awake for 24 hours so I use it for just 2-3.... I don't really wan tot exit/launch plex all the time as I like just being there when the PC wakes.

In my opinion the blocking of sleep requests should only happen when Plex is actually needing to prevent sleep because it is doing something...rather than just sitting 'on deck' idle hour after hour.

Is there a setting I can tweak or is this future fix?



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