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FreeNas 9.10.2-U2 PMS manual update

cadamwilcadamwil Posts: 2

I am having issues upgrading my FreeNas PMS Jail to the newest version. It's currently running and I believe the current PMS for FreeBSD is How do you manually update it? I have found a previous post from 2014, but it didn't seem to work.



  • ahughes03ahughes03 Posts: 129 Plex Pass

    How did you install PMS in the first place?

    PBI: YOU could search the forums for the "update" script
    Pkg: Just checked, and while 1.5.4 has been committed to ports, the automated PKG hasn't been compiled at Freshports
    Ports: It's there and ready for update...

  • cadamwilcadamwil Posts: 2

    Using this guide, which you posted in 2/2016

    1) manually create a generic jail (jails tab in the top bar, then the add jail button), named PlexPass-Server (or whatever you want, really)
    2) create/link storage for that jail (still in the jails tab, switch to the storage tab, then the add storage button). Make sure you select your recently created Plex jail, and then add your datasets as source (so, for example, I have separate datasets for each of my media types, 1 for TV Shows, 1 for Movies, 1 for Music, etc). The destination will be the place within the Plex jail that Plex will "look" for files (although in reality, you just made a link to the dataset which is outside the jail). Sooo, for example, one of my sources is /mnt/pool/movies and my destination is /media/movies
    3) once you've linked all your storages, go back to the main jails tab and select your Plex jail, then enter the console (you should also learn how to ssh into your jails from a different computer, it will make future updates much quicker, plus if you ssh'ed into your jail, you could copy-paste all of the commands below)
    4) type pkg upgrade (this will update your "install tools" to the most recent version (follow along, pressing y when appropriate)
    5) type pkg install plexmediaserver-plexpass (follow along, pressing y when appropriate)
    6) once that's done, type service plexmediaserver_plexpass start
    7) then sysrc plexmediaserver_plexpass_enable=YES
    8) type service -R
    9) type exit
    10) in a browser, navigate to your plex jail's assigned IP:32400\web
    11) click on the settings icon top right, and log in to your plex pass account (you can do some general setup stuff now too if you want)
    12) back on the main screen, start adding libraries (when adding the media folder, remember that plex is looking for the destination folder you set in step 2, so generally, you'll want to click on the "/" (root) slash on the left, in order to quickly navigate to wherever you set that destination folder.
    13) repeat as necessary!

    I don't have plexpass yet, but I will once I get my next paycheck. I just can't spend $150 right now.

  • ahughes03ahughes03 Posts: 129 Plex Pass
    edited April 14

    cool, glad you went the PKG route. It does take a couple of days for the Freshports servers to compile the PKGs from the port uploads... They have servers compiling pkgs 24/7, but there are nearly 30,000 ports that all update to the Freshports servers, so the servers take a while to get to everything!

    I just double checked, and the pkg version is currently still at 1.5.3...

    SSH into your server, or pull up the shell from the main GUI, then cut/paste each of these lines in order.

    jexec X [this should be the number of your Plex Server from the previous command]
    pkg update && pkg upgrade -y
    service -R

    That will get you as up-to-date as the compiled PKG allows. I tend to wait at least a week before upgrading, and generally check the forums before doing so. Heck, I'm still on 1.5.2 cause it works fine for me at the moment...

  • sremicksremick Posts: 1,145 Plex Pass

    I set Freshports to notify me when there's a new Plex version. I really don't care much until the new version hits the FreeBSD ports system anyway.

  • TurboJailerTurboJailer Posts: 279 ✭✭✭

    @sremick how did you set the notification at freshports? I added it to a watch list but don't see any sort of notification settings.

  • sremicksremick Posts: 1,145 Plex Pass
    edited May 11

    @TurboJailer said:
    @sremick how did you set the notification at freshports? I added it to a watch list but don't see any sort of notification settings.

    I think this is what you want:


  • TurboJailerTurboJailer Posts: 279 ✭✭✭

    Yup, that did it thanks!

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