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Rasplex automatically use srt files on client side when present option??

timae2003timae2003 Posts: 1

I have a seagate personal cloud that is not strong enough to transcode the srt on the server side but the raspberry pi 3 with rasplex on the client side will play them but I have to turn them on every time. I only use subtitles that are for non-english parts of my movies so I would like to know if there is an option for it to use the srt if present but cannot find anything like that in rasplex settings. Could there be another way of doing this? If not, could it be added in the next update please?


  • benjaminwolfbenjaminwolf Posts: 973 Plex Pass

    That setting is in PMS.

    Settings > Server > Languages

    Change Subtitle mode to "Shown with foreign audio" or "Always"

  • eckartheckarth Posts: 437 Plex Pass

    Isn't it a question of setting the "forced" bit associated with the subtitle stream in the media file?

    If I understand the OP right, he means those subtitles which e.g. translate a German speaking character in an otherwise English language movie. That is neither a 'foreign audio movie' (for a native English speaker) nor does he want subtitles for English spoken audio (i.e. 'Always').

  • edjonesyedjonesy Posts: 57 ✭✭
    edited April 18

    If you have an .srt file that is for the non-english parts of the movie you force flex to use the .srt without transcoding it. if your movie is called 'moviename.mp4' make sure the corresponding .srt file is called 'moviename.en.forced.srt' and it will force the subtitles to be used.

    the '.en' flag is the language (en = English) and '.forced' forces the subtitles to be used.

    That is what I have read, I forget where, but I do use that naming convention on my setup and it works for me.

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