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PKC - Editing Nodes in Kodi 17.1

Hey guys,

i set up my Android Box with PKC now, finally for the first time everything runs who i wanted things to run so thank you PKC, the Plex and the Kodi guys!

One thing which I am actually struggling with is the editing of my Nodes. Under the category Movies i got some nodes like e.g. recently added. When now editing the nodes in the settings menue, and i am like deleting the random node because i dont want to have it, the nodes still show up under my movie section. Also nodes that are reordered are shown in the same exact location like before.

So ok it seems that the settings are not saved after all, but why? When still in the Kodi menue, all the settings are memorized as long as i am in the settings menue. E.g. when i reorder the nodes, exit the menue (still in the settings) and go back to editing the movie category, the nodes are still reordered.

Am I doing something wrong here?

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