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Firewall Rules: Alex Skill

IamSpartacusIamSpartacus Posts: 617 Plex Pass

Is there any documentation (either official or from someone who spent time testing) on what IP addresses need to be allowed inbound to Plex in order to use all features of Alexa? I found myself unblocking a few IP addresses last night trying to my parents' Alexa setup to my PMS otherwise I'd get "I'm having trouble accessing your Plex skill right now" from Alexa. I wound up unblocking like 4 IP's but I'm sure there will be more as my parents start to use the skill more often.

Anyone mess around with this?

  • As a note, I don't have Plex open to the world. I allow incoming connection to Plex from a carefully maintained list of IP's and hostnames (both Plex's servers and those DDNS hostnames of my close friends/family).


  • IamSpartacusIamSpartacus Posts: 617 Plex Pass

    Wow. I guess either no one is using the Plex skill or no one cares about security?

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