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[BUG] PLEX - Player App - SAMSUNG 2016 Model - subtitles problem


After the newest update of PLEX app for SAMSUNG TV (12 APR 2017) the sync of subtitles gone badly, there is a big bug.

First, I though it's a problem with my subtitle file, but on other devices subtitle work perfectly.
Only on my Samsung TV (KS9002 - 2016 model) the subtitle it's ahead of video.

I hope you guys (from Plex or Samsung) will fix this soon. I'm using Plex for every movie I watch, and I don't know how I'll watch my movies without this fixed.

P.S. The Plex App on Tizen 2.4.0 is poor and you cannot sync subtitles manually and this is really annoying, I hope this will be implemented too in the near future.

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  • zamus1zamus1 Posts: 2Members

    This is very annoying.

    I have already purchased the iOS App and i have installed plesk on my Amazon Fire, and i was user from my old LG.

    Now i have a Samsung TV and i can't see movies with subtitles in my native Language because of this bug.

    I'm looking Plesk Alternatives right now.

    If you have a Samsung Smart and you need subtitles Keep Looking.

    The subtitles go bad when you pause and continue the movie...

    I have tested everything... including full reinstall of an older version of Plex Media Server...

    So, in other words... i can't use the Samsung Plesk App.

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