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TheTVDB.com metadata grabber getting confused over S7E24 of Star Trek Voyager (DVD Order)

John BergqvistJohn Bergqvist Posts: 8Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I'm trying to match Season 7 of Star Trek Voyager, and i'm having trouble getting the very last episode.

On the Aired Order, the final three episodes are:

  • Ep. 24 - Renaissance Man
  • Ep. 25 - Endgame (1)
  • Ep. 26 - Endgame (2)

However in DVD order (because of a previous two parter which is a single episode on DVD earlier on in the season) this becomes:

  • Ep. 23 - Renaissance Man
  • Ep. 24.1 - Endgame (1)
  • Ep. 24.2 - Endgame (2)

Here's the tvdb listings if you want to compare for yourself: http://thetvdb.com/index.php?id=74550&lid=7&tab=seasonall&order=dvd

As a result, i've named my episodes accordingly (I ignore 24.2 because I don't want it to show up twice when its a single file):

  • S07E23 - Renaissance Man
  • S07E24 - Endgame (1)

However, when I scan those two episodes in (and it's handled the earlier DVD episode in the season perfectly fine I should add) to plex via the TVDB - with the order for the series set to DVD order, I get the following for the above files:

  • S07E23 - Renaissance Man
  • S07E24 - Renaissance Man

With the grabbed metadata the same for both episodes (aside from the number), its as if it's reverted to aired order for that final episode - which is just weird.

I've done the plex dance, cleared my cache many times over and it's still doing it. Can anyone help? What's baffling is that it's correctly parsing the DVD order for earlier seasons, and earlier episodes in Season 7 too.

FYI, if I rename Episode 24 to 25 (which in aired order, should be Endgame(1)), it doesn't fetch any metadata at all, so its not like it's defaulting to Aired order for Episode 24 onwards)

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