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Movie and TVShow Infos not shown

Oggy666Oggy666 Members Posts: 1

Hi folks,
since a long time i have the Problem that the Infos are not shown anymore.
Seee the Screenshot for this Problem.
i can see is "Playing" but no Infos.
Any help would be nice


  • zonediverzonediver Members Posts: 267 ✭✭
    edited April 21

    EDIT: I cant edit my original post (used my 2nd account), so i give additional infos:
    On one Client with 1.6.2, the infos are shown. All other show only "PLAYING" - a strange behavior... :|

    EDIT 2: Since Plex-Server v1.5.5.3634, EVERY client on my network (OpenPHT AND RasPlex) shows only PLAYING - no Movie infos anymore.
    Only My Android-Phone shows at least the Cover of the movie...
    So it seems that either the clients cant retrieve the Infos or the Server is blocking/not sending it.

  • zonediverzonediver Members Posts: 267 ✭✭

    No one any idea, what can be wrong?
    I checked my DNS but this is working on all Comuters so it must an additional problem...

  • ViolettoVioletto Members, Plex Pass Posts: 14 Plex Pass

    Maybe you should use another skin for your OpenPHT like Plex Black Edition. With the default skin I also see no movie cover here.

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