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Music Playing On Echo/Alexa from PMS

systemsharksystemshark Posts: 215Members, Plex Pass, TunerTester Plex Pass


Whilst surfing around looking for this, I've found a hackernoon site which shows how to do this, I'd I'm now going to head off and attempt to get this work,but I also think I should expose it you Plex Dev's in Plex land.

to be fair this is a major function, I'd love to get from Alexa/Echo and Plex. The Voice control is toy but this I'd use. Given some of the issues this hacker is thinking about, you Plex Dev's have already fixed. It does feel like you should be able to get this integrated quickly into Plex.


Whats the chances of getting this into the next PMS release and added as Alexa Skill.

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