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Plex for PS4 no longer finds Plex Android App running as server

miracle152004miracle152004 Validating, Plex Pass Posts: 9 Plex Pass


after starting plex for PS4 today i am no longer able to find apps running as server (plex for android or plex for windows app).
Since they are both able to find the other server it seems to have something todo with the plex for PS4.

The app does not display the server in the dropdown.
Even adding the IP-Address and Port to the application does not show the server in the drop down.

Since the Playstation 4 App does not itself support synchronisation I am using the apps to synchronize data locally for cases I only have remote access to my media server.

Please take a look.

Best regards


  • snakenerdsnakenerd Members, Plex Pass Posts: 1 Plex Pass

    Hi. I'm getting the same problem. Were you able to solve it? How?


  • miracle152004miracle152004 Validating, Plex Pass Posts: 9 Plex Pass

    no I wasn't able to solve it. Switched to Plex for XBOX which still lists the other servers.

  • phinneusphinneus Members, Plex Pass Posts: 6 Plex Pass

    must be nice to have a backup........kidna getting fed up of being a plex guinea pig for ps3 changes. Last time I updated pms and nothing would play on ps3. Now im guessing another update was pushed(for ps3 this time) and cant find server at all even with manual ip. This is getting rediculous

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