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On Media Play/Stop

jnymrisjnymris Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
edited April 2017 in Channel Plugin Development


I've created a channel which allows users to play .m3u8 files.
I'd like to be able to monitor what is being played from the WebServer.

I'm using the following for when a menu is loaded

values =  {'message': 'Loaded Menu {Menu name here}',
                  'username': get_username(),
                  'device': Request.Headers['X-Plex-Device-Name'],
                  'product': Request.Headers['X-Plex-Product']}
x = HTTP.Request('url to my web server', values, cacheTime=0)

I'm now trying to add the above couple of lines when a stream is 'previewed', played or stop. But i'm not sure were I would insert this?

I've tried inserting it into the following sections but this does not appear to be valid.
def GetMediaObject(url):
def CreateVideoClipObject(title, thumb, url, include_container=False, *args, **kwargs):

Just as a side note does anyone know how to get the client (plex client)'s IP Address?

Can anyone shed any more light on this?




  • czukowskiczukowski Posts: 154Members ✭✭✭


    For play, you'll need to put a callback to Part objects and execute a request from that callback before redirecting to the actual media URL. For example:

    def MediaObjectsForURL(url):
        return [
                        key=Callback(PlayVideo, url=url)
    def PlayVideo(url):
        m3u8_url = retrieve_the_actual_m3u8_url_from_the_webpage_at(url)
        return IndirectResponse(VideoClipObject, key=m3u8_url)

    I'm not sure what a stream preview is (in terms of Plex channels) and I don't think it's possible to hook up to playback stop events.

  • czukowskiczukowski Posts: 154Members ✭✭✭

    You may yet be in luck, take a look at this: https://support.plex.tv/hc/en-us/articles/115002267687-Webhooks

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