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Computer Name / Identification

PLEX6FCPLEX6FC Posts: 84Members ✭✭
edited April 2017 in Rasplex


I've just changed my living room TV Raspberry Pi from OSMC (Kodi) to RasPlex, as for multiple instances its much smoother to use.

I also plan to change our home cinema projector Raspberry Pi form OSMC to RasPlex too.

I also have a project in the making, which is a RasPlex sourced sound system in the kitchen.

I quite like using the android app to remotely control these clients, however, all three appear as "RasPlex", there's no way of distinguishing between them.

On the client Raspberry Pi, I changed:

System Settings
.. System
.... Identification
...... System Name

from "RasPlex" to "Lounge-RasPlex", but this does not come through to my android client, or web client.

Basically, I've no way of telling which RasPlex client I'm going to be playing my media on.

Would the the right approach be to change the name in etc/hosts and/or /etc/hostname files?

Thanks, Scott.


Best Answer


  • PLEX6FCPLEX6FC Posts: 84Members ✭✭

    Thanks for that, I'll go and try it later, as it's currently in use by the kids with Pingu!

    Thanks for the guidance..

    Cheers, Scott

  • PLEX6FCPLEX6FC Posts: 84Members ✭✭


    Just had an opportunity to try it, and it worked!!

    Many thanks for your help.. Cheers, Scott.

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