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how to watch episodes back to back?

GordonWorswickGordonWorswick Posts: 43Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

So... loving Alexa with Plex, I hope it continues to be developed because the potential is wicked

Quick question to start with:

I can watch the next episode in the series of a tv show im watching thats fine but when that episode is over it stops and i have to ask Alexa to play the next episode
I know if im using plex web to control my tv this happens if i just play a single episode but if i play the episode from the deck then it it just keeps playing the episodes back to back until i stop it which is what i want

I have tried asking Alexa to play a season for me but it still only plays 1 episode before stopping

whats the command i need to play episodes back to back?


p.s. does anyone know if there are commands for mark as watched or skip / next episode because these would be cool? :)


  • GordonWorswickGordonWorswick Posts: 43Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Ok so If you ask Alexa "whats on Deck" first she will tell you and then ask you what you want to do and wait for a response, I was really excited when i said "play tv show" thinking it might automatically carry on playing the rest of the episodes but alas nope after the episode finished we went back to the main menu

    anyone else know if this is even possible?

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