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Plex app randomly crashes

Hey guys,

Not sure if this issue is just me but I've been running into a strange problem for the last few days. Basically Plex will crash randomly; at startup, at login, at listing videos, at playback start, during playback, and while scrubbing the play-head.

I've enabled Network Logging via the app (Plex crashed during login before I enabled it) so it should have the logs already uploaded. Right now it's hanging while starting to play back a show. I've force closed it and reopened it, it's lagging again while trying to play a movie. I enabled the Network logging about 2:30PM Korean Standard Time, if that helps for Plex employees?

Windows Event Log simply says "Terminated because application took too long to pause" and doesn't give me any other hints. I've also tried deleting the Plex app, deleting the data and cache, reinstalling it from the Windows Store, etc. Nothing is working.

Strangely, this issue only appears on the Windows Plex app. I only have it on my Samsung Laptop, no other Windows devices to test it on. All other devices play back the media fine so it's definitely not a server problem.

Thanks in advance,


  • ideaman924ideaman924 Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    There seems to be no activity on this thread. Bumping it.

    This issue happens on both my laptop and my desktop. Playing back any movie file automatically makes it stutter and freeze.

    Strangely, when I set Quality as Original, from the htop on the server I can see Plex Transcoder doing a lot of work. It shouldn't be because the media can be played back without transcoding. Does the app not support some video formats?

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