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Install PMS together with OpenPHT on Odroid C2

giang_asl_8giang_asl_8 Members, Plex Pass Posts: 2

I have installed OpenPHT on my new Odroid C2, and it works well with PMS installed on x86 PC. But I want to play movie without having to turn on PC, so thinking of a way to install PMS on the Odroid itself. Is this possible, or any method with the same result?


  • daniel.culldaniel.cull Members, Plex Pass Posts: 286 Plex Pass

    you cannot use your existing openpht odroid (which runs libreelec) and install PMS on it as well

  • katohideaki01katohideaki01 Members Posts: 16 ✭✭

    Black theme can play local files. Look for the menu option - should be something like "play file". Throw some videos on any USB storage device and plug it in. You don't get the pretty menus, but it will definitely play the files.

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