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Modify CEC Button Configuration

reipet2003reipet2003 Posts: 4Members

Hello all,

I know this question have been already asked many times but I have searched around and tried for 3 days now and did nt get anything running as planed.
I would be really grateful for a step by step instruction for my, i think little, problem.

I have a raspberry pi 3 here with rasplex 1.8.0 hooked up with HDMI on a Philips TV.
On startup it says pulse eight cec adapter connected.
So far I have to say every button is working on the TV remote I need (arrows, play, stop, OK), but some buttons are missing I need for a proper function. Back/Home, Shutdown, Power on.

I have searched how to record the cec signals when i press the button but nothing show up even I press buttons working already. I says the pi needs to be in debug mode. I still didnt find how to activate it.

Then im searching for this keymapping file, could not find anything.
The only thing working well so far is using ssh to login to the rasplex.

Im sorry im new to raspberry pi and I dont want to invest in the remote ir board as I think the button mapping should be able to be achieved easy.
Is it possible to start the pi also with the TV remote?

Thank for your patient answers.


  • ValdhorValdhor Posts: 501Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    The link that should help with debugging key presses is forums.plex.tv/discussion/150209/cec-remote-buttons-how-do-i-find-out-which-button-has-been-pressed/p1.

    I would recommend never turning the Pi off. Just leave it on with it's own power supply. Pulling the power has been known to corrupt the SD card. If you are worried about power consumption, don't be. If you look at the numbers you get that a Pi3 normally consumes around 400mA. With a 5V supply that's 2W. For watt hours in a year multiply that by 24 (Hours a day) x 365 gives you 17520 or 17.5 killowatt hours. At about 10c/KWH (in the US) the cost per year would be $1.75.

  • videotecaCNSUvideotecaCNSU Posts: 368Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    In my case I installed a power button, and Im using a wiimote as the default remote controller

  • reipet2003reipet2003 Posts: 4Members

    Thank you for all your answer.

    Another simple question, how to turn on debug mode to get the tail command working


  • reipet2003reipet2003 Posts: 4Members

    Got it, sorry

  • reipet2003reipet2003 Posts: 4Members

    So, I have tested the Philips remote.
    If i press the back button there is not log activity coming up, means no CEC command send to rasplex?
    This button is no use then?
    But i could reconfigure any other working button to take over that back/exit command right?

  • videotecaCNSUvideotecaCNSU Posts: 368Validating, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    yes, you can reconfigure any button

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