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Plex UWP Player crashes on playing content with embedded subtitles.

calmcacilcalmcacil Posts: 14Members Plex Pass

For the past few months I've been encountering frequent crashing when trying to playback new files, the files in question have always been MKV i think. Encoded with H264 for video, AAC for the audio and ASS for subtitles. This has been extremely consistent and my only way to watch these files have been using the web player. Would be happy to provide logs if those might do anything to help the situation.

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  • calmcacilcalmcacil Posts: 14Members Plex Pass

    I've been able to nail this issue down further, files that have this issue play fine on the windows store app if you disable subtitles. It really does suck to have this issue for a software that you paid to use, and even more pay monthly for its premium features. I understand this might be the update to Win10 Creators Update's fault, but please any word on this issue would be appreciated.

  • calmcacilcalmcacil Posts: 14Members Plex Pass

    I've been able to "fix" this by disabling plex pass builds (rolling back to 1.5.5) ... Gotta love supporting a company with your money because you enjoy what they do only to have them not consider/test their updates with another paid part of their platform... Please sort this out Plex, You have such a good app, for it to not work properly because of version issues like this is not really fair to your paying subscribers, You can do better.

  • calmcacilcalmcacil Posts: 14Members Plex Pass

    Yep that did it. Do you guys not use the UWP app inhouse for testing?

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