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Problem with Play music

PolypetePolypete Posts: 49Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass


I have a problem with my sonos for play music from PLEX when use the sonos plugin beta.

No problem with PLEX, all work in all configuration (Windows, Android, iOS, etc..) in internal network (LAN) and from internet (WAN), only from PLEX sonos plugin have a problem when try to play the music, I receive a message : impossible tu play this file, not find this file.

Very Strange because in Sonos I see all album, artist, etc.. Only when I add the file into list, when sonos try to read the file, not possible.

It's necessary to open (NAT) a specific port into PLEX server ?


  • SkywizardSkywizard Posts: 4Members ✭✭

    I do not know why there is an option to select PLEX on the Sonos when you can map your music library direct to the source....

  • virgiliomivirgiliomi Posts: 77Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    @Skywizard said:
    I do not know why there is an option to select PLEX on the Sonos when you can map your music library direct to the source....

    Because some people have a music library that is larger than Sonos' 65,000 track limit (or they have music with longer metadata tags that reduce that track limit some). Also, you could use Plex on Sonos to play music stored on a remote Plex server... like one at a family member's house that they've given you access to, or through Plex Cloud.

    As to the OP... if you can browse your Plex music library from Sonos, then you have things set up right. The catch is that to play music, some routers can't handle the kind of request that Plex is making Sonos use to play the song. Some have had to enable a certain NAT setting on their router in order for things to work properly. Others have found that simply manually creating the port forward, rather than letting Plex do it automatically, has worked for them. And some just aren't able to use Plex through Sonos because of this issue.

    If Plex ever comes back to working on this, they might figure out a way to handle those connections internally on the network... but that seems to be a distant possibility at the moment.

  • wwwizzarrdrywwwizzarrdry Posts: 304Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited May 2017

    It will be faster to plant some magic beans and wait for Jack and the Beanstalk to come than to wait for Plex to respond, much less actually fix, their Sonos plugin issues.

    They're​ more than happy boasting about this amazing service on their product page. But they dont announce that its broken and they dont plan to fix it... Classic bait and switch.

    CentOS 7: BTRFS in RAID10 (24TB)
    i7 4790K and 16GB RAM w/ GTX 760

  • paganomt@gmail.compaganomt@gmail.com Posts: 3Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    I have this same issue. Why doesn't Plex support answer in the forums? I thought that was their method of communication?
    Plex and sonos need to work together on this.

  • PolypetePolypete Posts: 49Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass
    edited June 2017

    Now for me work fine.
    I add a UniFI Security Gateway 3P in my home for redirect Sonos Plex Lab request only in my LAN.

    Now when Sonos send a request to Plex, the file is only PLAY into my LAN (now not send network request LAN->WAN->LAN).

    Only need a rules Firewall :

    Under WAN IN:
                                            "3006": {
                                                    "action": "accept",
                                                    "description": "PortForward [Plex]",
                                                    "destination": {
                                                            "address": "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX",
                                                            "port": "32400"
                                                    "log": "enable",
                                                    "protocol": "tcp_udp"
    Under Port Forwarding:
                            "3004": {
                                    "description": "Plex",
                                    "forward-to": {
                                            "address": "XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX"
                                    "original-port": "32400",
                                    "protocol": "tcp_udp"

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