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Media Playback Issues

kqmaverickkqmaverick Posts: 14Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

I just got myself a new PC and i am trying to get the Windows Plex client up and working but i am having issues with video playback. Everything will look fine when i go start a video with the splash screen displaying and then going black with the media controls on the bottom of the screen. The the media controls will just disappear and the mouse will not display on screen unless it is hovering right over the back/close buttons. The back button no longer works and the only option is to close and relaunch Plex. From the logging i see the below info that jumps out at me. My first question would be what is C:\Jenkins ? i have no such directory on my system. The second is i assume i should be getting a Unable to play media error as stated below but i do not get anything just a black screen that forces me to close out of Plex.

2017-05-04 08:04:39:0918 [8] DEBUG - [PlexHttpClient] - Received OK from https://72-195-223-164.7413dcf5d4b4460db620307c6984f883.plex.direct:32401/:/timeline?key=/library/metadata/25889&guid=com.plexapp.agents.thetvdb://70626/4/3?lang=en&ratingKey=25889&containerKey=/playQueues/4882&state=stopped&time=70&duration=2604535&X-Plex-Token=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1590 [8] VERBOSE - [AudioPlayerBackgroundTaskCommunicator] - Received message from background: (MessageId = F, MessageAcknowledged)
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1068 [2] INFO - [ServerMediaDecision] -
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1068 [2] DEBUG - [VideoPlayerFacet] - Restarting video playback (reason: timeline)
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1074 [2] VERBOSE - [VideoPlayerFacet] - Creating partOpenedOrFailedNotificationTcs
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1570 [2] DEBUG - [AudioPlayerBackgroundTaskCommunicator] - Sending keys (MessageId = F, MediaControlsClear) to background media player...
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1611 [2] DEBUG - [MediaDecisionEngine] - Using Remote location
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1661 [23] INFO - [MediaDecisionEngine] - Choosing media from a set of 1 item(s). Server media decision exists
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1661 [23] WARNING - C:\Jenkins\workspace\Windows\PlexForWindows8.1_Release_Build\Plex.Foundation\MediaDecisionEngine.cs (241) - AnalyzeMedia
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1771 [23] DEBUG - [PlexMetricsClient] - Storing playback:failure metric event
2017-05-04 08:04:39:1771 [23] INFO - [SimpleDialog] - Showing dialog (Title 'Unable to play media', Content 'NoElements')
2017-05-04 08:04:39:2571 [27] DEBUG - [AudioPlayerBackgroundTaskCommunicator] - Sent keys (MessageId = F, MediaControlsClear) to background media player successfully
2017-05-04 08:04:45:3168 [21] INFO - [ApplicationPubSubBehavior] - Application unfocused, disconnecting...
2017-05-04 08:04:45:3178 [21] INFO - [MyPlexPubSubClient] - Disconnecting from plex.tv pub/sub channel

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