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Unable to play video file, crash after few seconds


I'm new on win10 (1703), and I decide to try the appstore version, which looks very nice.
Currently, plex works great with the webapp, but on the appstore version (3.2.19-9b3c8fe0 3/28/17), it crashes almost instantly (I only get 1 ou 2 seconds of video before the freeze)

My server (v1.6.1.3722) is running on ubuntu, and I can use it smoothly on any other platform (android phone, ipad, web app, chromecast, etc.).

With the log attached, could you provide me some clue to resolve this ?

Plex.log 141.6K

Best Answer


  • meepmeep_meepmeep_ Posts: 7Members, Plex Pass Plex Pass

    Indeed !
    Great news thank you :)

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