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AVI files unreadable

guidmndrguidmndr Posts: 2

Hello everyone, i recently acquired a Nvidia Shield i would like to use plex media server as media serveur. But avi files doesn't work (MKV and MP4 works fine).

Does anyone have encounter similar issue? and is there a solution other than reencoding in mp4 all my video library?

I running PMS Version on Nvidia Shield 2016


Best Answer


  • danjames92danjames92 Posts: 2,785 Plex Pass

    Don't work how exactly? They are picked up by Plex fine assuming you are using the correct namingconvention .

  • guidmndrguidmndr Posts: 2

    Thanks! the server update solve the issue. Strangely the update of the server plex took time to appear in the Play Store

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