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Feature Request: Roku remote home button reurposed

gcwyattgcwyatt Posts: 1
in Roku

This request was kind of brought up in 2015,
but I want to specifically ask that the Roku remote's home button be re-purposed when running Plex. If it can be done, I suggest a single press brings you back to the Plex home page, a second press takes you to Roku home. The would save so much time when I'm five menus deep.


  • JamminRJamminR Plexhibitionist Posts: 2,269 Plex Pass

    No. Absolutely not. I'm already annoyed with the way many channels now ask "Are you sure your sure you meant to back out of this app and exit??" after clicking the back button.
    Home is our only guaranteed escape from a channel.

    I'm not sure the Roku API even allows it's channels to overwrite home and back button.
    However, using your up arrow on the Roku advanced remotes 2-3 times allows you to move out of the selection/info browsing screens to the top. Then you can click 'OK' on the remote after clicking right one time to go to the picture of the 'home' on the upper right of your Roku screen.
    Once the home icon is selected, click 'ok'.

  • leelyndsleelynds Posts: 910 Plex Pass

    I often use a "long" press on the back button. That takes you to the home screen of Plex no matter how deep you are in the menus. ;)

  • Elijah_BaleyElijah_Baley Posts: 3,750 Plex Pass

    Roku requires that the "home" button always returns to the home menu. Of course they have granted exceptions to a few apps like Netflix but I believe that the requirement is written in their developer's agreement.

    All apps are supposed to be treated equally but some apps are more equal than others.

    The "long" press of "back" is the way Plex has come up with to work around the fact that there are a limited number of usable buttons on the Roku remotes. It works but it is not a perfect solution and users, like me, that have had Rokus since it was introduced as "The Netflix Player" sometimes have trouble with buttons behaving differently on short vs long press. My thumb's muscle memory is quite hard to retrain and I keep short pressing when I mean to long press.

  • leelyndsleelynds Posts: 910 Plex Pass

    I don't recall any extensive thumb retraining, but there may have been. For me, it's hold the button down till I see "Loading" pop up on the screen, and let go. No need to train the thumb press for short and long, at worst, perhaps some hand-eye coordination. :) I think it's a perfect solution, and perhaps the only one, given the fact the Roku has a limited amount of buttons to work with.

  • JuiceWSAJuiceWSA Posts: 4,839 ✭✭✭✭✭
    edited May 7

    I press Home to bail out - on the Roku.

    When you do that on an AFTV the app continues running in the background - then explodes. The long press and proper exit is the only way to fly.

    Some retraining is required - device specific.

  • JamminRJamminR Plexhibitionist Posts: 2,269 Plex Pass

    Excellent idea for the long press of back button. I learn something new (re: Plex/it's clients) every week it seems.

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